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Do herbs really work?

Yes they do.  I have supported my health, friends and my family with herbs for over 20 years. In that time I have only been on antibiotics twice. 

Are herbs safe?

Yes if you do your research.  Are you on medications talk to your doctor.  Check google scholar on interactions.  Get second opinions.  Talk to doctors that practice herbalism.  If you are unsure don't do it.  Check if your herbs interact.  This is not always noticeable. If you are taking more than one herb at a time you will never know which herb in a formula doesn't work for you.  Everybody is different.  We metabolize things in different ways. If we listen to what are body is doing we will get more information than you ever knew.  Always keep an eye out for an allergic reaction

Is this safe to take while pregnant and or breastfeeding?

Each herb is different.  We will do our best to find out the latest research on these findings.  This is one are of study where scientists haven't done a lot of research.  It is frowned upon to do medical research on pregnant and breastfeeding individuals.  Ask your elders what they used.  Sometimes they have knowledge on things that your latest journal doesn't.  I usually stick to the food as medicine motto in this case.  

Can I really make my own herbal supplements?

Yes.  This is as easy as making a tea and steeping or brewing it longer than two minutes. We want to help you to have the tools to make all that you need to support your health.  Grow the herbs, harvest the herbs, use them in what ever way you and your body sees fit.  

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