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Privacy Policy

We, Joyful Grove, do not sell our email list to third parties ever. We are concerned about your privacy and are completely transparent about what is done with your information


 We collect email addresses for the expressed purpose of marketing.  We will send you a newsletter and or promotional offers. We collect your name and the IP addresses  which are stored in Wix when a chat is initiated. This is a link to complete Wix privacy policy https://www.wix.com/about/privacy.


Mailchimp may also be used to manage email subscription lists. https://mailchimp.com/legal/privacy/ Mailchimp uses cookies to collect data and maintain email subscriptions. https://mailchimp.com/legal/cookies/


Any third party applications that are used are done so to gather analytic data, how many site views, how long someone stayed on site, page. We use Google analytics to gather this information https://www.google.com/analytics/terms/us.html. Google analytics uses cookies to store this information.  

Our email list is stored in the Wix servers and is secured at all times.  Any data stored on Joyful Grove's personal equipment can be remotely wiped at any time and all devices are locked to prevent theft. 

We use your information: name, email address, credit card data, to communicate with you through newsletters, promotional offers, purchases, confirmation of purchases, notice of shipping.

Our privacy policy is subject to change at anytime please check back frequently to see these changes.

We will erase your data from our list if asked to do so via email. 

If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to email us at Joyfulgrove1@gmail.com